Photogrammetric products

LiDAR3D carries out photogrammetric studies of low and high altitude based both on photos obtained using the unmanned platform and manned aircraft.

Using the UAV platform, we obtain vertical images on the basis of which we develop high-resolution orthophotomaps. Thanks to the additional use of two independent cameras mounted at an angle of 45 degrees, it is possible to obtain oblique images that provide additional interpretive advantages.

On the basis of vertical and diagonal aerial photographs, we develop 3D models of densely built-up and developed areas.

True Ortho products

Precise and high-resolution data obtained by laser scanning in combination with photos allow for quick preparation of high accuracy, metric True Ortho sketches.

Applications and products:

  • photoplans
  • orthophoto maps
  • 3D mesh models


Lidar3d's universal UAV platform offers unlimited possibilities for mounting additional recording sensors. The use of thermal cameras enables imaging of the temperature distribution in a given area used in many fields of engineering. We are able to match a set of mounted sensors to individual customer needs.